Dear Whisky-Friend !                                                                                          05/08/2019

This homepage is meant to provide support for finding your way around the wide world of Whisky(e)s.


The Whisky-World-List can be used by beginners as well as the more experienced whisky(e) drinker. In fact, it is for anyone who ever stood helplessly in front of a whisky(e) shelf, not knowing which one to choose.


By now, we have rated over 200 whiskeys, in terms of aroma and taste. The results can be reviewed on this page.


Our rating system is extremely fine, particularly with the whiskeys for the inexperienced user.

For example, the Glen Grant 10 years has 50 points out of a 100. It is on place 25 of the

ranking list. But with a new evaluation, this one could be placed far better, because we are rating with an accuracy of two digits after the decimal point.


I should like to point out, that there will be no further explanation of the Whiskys(e) themselves, other than the given points. For those interested in more specific explanations,

I can only refer you to the many other sides, that deal with a more detailed description.


Our rating system goes from zero points (poor) up to a hundred points (remarkable).

Due to the increasing number of Whisky Brands, i was forced to exclude lower rated whiskies from the list. Since we have added German Whisky to our product roster, we have expanded our navigation bar.


If you are interested in a raiting list, you may contact me via email.


Have fun with your own tasting, but always keep in mind: overindulgence can be harmful.


Thanks for visiting this side!

I wish you all the best!